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Ask Raymoo

The Hakurei Shrine Maiden. [Artist is a terrible person and has more schoolwork than predicted. Will answer whenever she can]
Sep 26 '12

Status update?

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May 28 '12

((Just a little PSA, please don’t send fanmail for questions, especially if I closed the askbox! Thanks))

May 27 '12

"I can fly by myself!!"

((thank you guys for the 400+ follows, and sticking with me))

May 5 '12

Mar 11 '12

Now get off my property you babbling buffoon.

Mar 11 '12

Feb 14 '12
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Jan 21 '12

Jan 19 '12

I hope you know this is really awkward for me.

Jan 16 '12
((I’ll answer those on Thursday (´・ω・)b ))

((I’ll answer those on Thursday (´・ω・)b ))

Jan 11 '12
Jan 1 '12

And who undressed me?? [full size here]

Dec 31 '11
Dec 31 '11

Anonymous asked:

What happen to genji, your turtles?

He’s living in a lake behind the shrine (I think…).

Dec 31 '11